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Address: 205 Corlett Drive Bramley 2018
Phone: 011 887 1771  -  011 440 9497  -  Fax: 0862603306
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Hunters Camouflage
The Hunters pattern has been used by hunters and various anti poaching units for years. It is suitable for medium green terrain, perfect for winter hunting. Some of our clients have been using Hunters since childhood and they swear by it. The pattern is also very popular with paint ballers and air soft players. Hunterís uniform is manufactured from
poly cotton fabric making it a durable, heavy duty product that is suitable for military applications.

Pricing Hunters
Trousers: R315 up to size 40
Short Sleeve Shirt: R215 up to size XL
Long Sleeve Shirt: R265 up to size XL
Padded Bush Jacket: R595 up to size XL
Padded Bunny Jacket R610 up to size XL
Short Sleeve T Shirt: R175 up to size 2XL
Long Sleeve T Shirt: R185 up to size 2XL
Overalls: Chest size 34-40: R435
Cargo Shorts: R220 up to size 40
Bush Hat: R185
Baseball cap: R90
Balaclava: R95
Balaclava t-shirt fabric: R80
Gloves t-shirt fabric: R150
Hoods t-shirt fabric: R65